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500 NeverWinter Online Gold

500 NeverWinter Online Gold
Adventure RPG MMO
Region free
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500 NeverWinter Online Gold

Platform:  PC
Release Date:    -



Product Description

In the free2play MMORPG Neverwinter, you take control of a hero as usual in the genre, choosing from different classes with unique skills and combat roles. As a mage, of course you act more from a distance, while as a heavily armored warrior, you get directly into the battle.

No matter which class you pick in Neverwinter, within time you will improve your character with new armor, better weapons and much more. The best equipment will cost you Neverwinter Gold, the ingame currency of the game. To equip yourself properly in Neverwinter, you will need a lot of Neverwinter Gold. Finally being able to afford the desired breastplate, purchasing a giant sword or owning magical robes – all that is possible with enough NW Gold.

You can buy Neverwinter Gold quickly and easily at a favorable price. The delivery of your Neverwinter Gold takes place face to face, so a character of our supplier will hand it over to you ingame.

Key activation

An employee of the selected supplier will whisper to you ingame during your online time.
We ask you to meet with the suppliers employee immediately, so that he can hand over the product to you. Official meeting point for the product is: City of Protector's Enclave Nearby Mailbox

Note: In case you are in another instance as the supplier, hit F2. Afterwards on the upper right beside the minimap you will find a rune symbol. Click it and choose the correct instance to meet the supplier.

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