5 Wicked Games Based on Fairy Tales!

Fairy Tales are rather short fantasy stories in which bad characters always do bad things and good ones try to stop them. A princess vs an evil queen, a dragon vs a knight, a fairy vs a witch, etc, etc. So much magic, yet no surprises - the scheme is simple and repeatable. From the first page you know exactly who’s going to win and how the story ends.The moral is: Booooring!

Happily, in the real world, we have game studios and developers, who know exactly what to do to bring out the best from these old fashioned Fairy Tales.

Some of them have taken innocent fables and transformed them into these twisted, scary, psychedelic stories. And we should all be very grateful for that!

    " Today is a #TellAFairyTaleDay, a perfect occasion to tell a story about the 5 most wicked PC games inspired by fables."

Once upon a time, there was a strange, funny and dark video game….

1. Alice: Madness Returns 

Everyone knows the story about a girl who was trying to catch a white rabbit and fell into a rabbit hole and dropped into Wonderland. In Alice: Madness Returns, a sequel to American McGee's Alice and the prequel to Alice: Otherlands, the girl lands in quite different circumstances. Eleven years after the whole of Alice’s family have died in a fire, she is still suffering from the trauma, however, she has finally been released from Rutledge Asylum. Now she’s free, but still imprisoned by her own mind and constantly struggling with nightmares and demons and the huge psychological burden of that tragic day, slipping deeper into her dark fantasy land that was once her only refuge…. Welcome to Wonderland! If you are a fan of platform, action-adventure games, spiced up with fantasy horror, you should definitely follow the rabbit.  



Cinderella is an amazing story about a pair of shoes that can change a girl’s life. The life of a girl who’s endlessly used by two evil sisters and an absolutely horrible stepmother. But Cinderella finally meets her Prince and they live happily ever after. And that’s the fact. In Cinders however, nothing can be taken for granted. You play as Cinders, yes also an orphan girl, but not the one who’s waiting for a miracle. In this game you explore the world, interact with people, make your own decisions. In this visual novel your every choice is crucial, each can lead you to a different ending. Remember: it takes a lot of courage to find your own place in life.


3.The Path

“The wolf thought to himself, What a tender young creature. What a nice plump mouthful…” Remember that? Little Red Riding Hood, by the Brothers Grimm, was surely one of your top 10 books when you were a kid. The Path isfocused on the scariest part of the story… getting to the grandma’s house. You can choose your character and be one of the six, different sisters: Carmen, Robin, Ruby, Rose, Scarlet and Ginger. All of them, one by one, were sent by their mother, deep in the woods, to visit the sick granny. The game gives you 2 simple instructions: ‘Go to Grandmother’s house’ and ‘stay on the path’ but very quickly you will find out that the game wants so much more from you.


4. American McGee's Grimm


The Happily Ever After Ends Now! Meet American McGee’s Grimm, a series inspired by Grimm's Fairy Tales. The titular Grimm is a dwarf, a very naughty dwarf. His only desire is to spread darkness around the world. Why? - you may ask. How should I put this… well, he’s simply sick of all that cuteness in fairy tales! He has a dream: to bring back the original versions of fables, yes children... the terrifying ones... He will jump and run, using his evil powers, wreaking havoc through the fantasy lands and mark my words: As he passes, everything goes darker...

5. Woolfie: The Red Hood Diaries


This is another variation of the Little Red Riding Hood adventures, however: "This is no fairy tale, because nothing here is fair.” Well, our Red Hood is all grown up and her favorite word in the world is "bloodbath". As a typical teenage girl, all she wants is... revenge. Since her mother and father died, our character is looking for answers - she want’s someone to pay. She has no parents and no fear. Although, she has an axe and she knows how to use it!

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