More indie studios join Kinguin Indie Valley

Our trading platform for independent games has been gaining more and more interest both from developers and publishers. Leading indie studios from Poland have joined Kinguin Indie Valley.

Indie Valley supports the creators who don't want to or can't cooperate with large publishing companies. We provide them marketing support and the opportunity to reach gamers directly. All products are sold without a middleman and his provision, which means higher gains per each sold copy for the devs, and lower prices for the players.

New teams in the valley

In the past few months Kinguin Indie Valley gained attention of the leading independent creators from Poland. Among our newly contracted partners are: iFun4all, Transhuman Design, Chicken in the Corn, Merixgames, TallTech Media, Crazy Goat Games, Mythic Owl, Red Limb Studio, Blue Sunset Games, n94 Games and Ice Code Games.

Publishers – Fat Dog Games and IQ Publishing – also collaborate with the Indie Valley, and continue to expand their portfolio of indie titles.

The number of Indie Valley inhabitants is rapidly growing. In Q4 2017 we've managed to double it (!), totalling 65 partners. The number of games on offer has exceeded 100, and new ones appear almost on a weekly basis.

Why settle in Indie Valley?

Our platform was created for studios that operate independently of the dominating triple-A publishers. Indie games – often more ambitious and personal than the biggest titles – are made by smaller teams and on lower budgets. Their authors can't run extensive marketing campaigns nor use sales channels exclusive for the giants of the industry.

In Kinguin Indie Valley, developers and publishers offer their products directly to the community of gamers. Our support provides them access to Kinguins marketing resources. Their games are promoted through newsletters and via social media, followed by over 900,000 fans. All products are also available at, where they can be accessed and bought by each of our 6,500,000 users.

Check out a variety of independent games available in Kinguin Indie Valley.