Kinguin World Record Party


Achievement unlocked! Guinness World Record broken! Time to party!

Our dear colleague Hubert "Gordon" Blejch made it! He broke the Guinness World Record for the longest videogames marathon - 136 hours 1 minute and 3 seconds, and the only thing left for us was to celebrate and have fun together (this is something we are great at).

Everyone had the oportunity to hang out with the Guinness Record braker, play bowling together and even take a selfie with the Legend himself! Gordon proved to be as accurate in bowling as he was in playing Sniper Elite 3 for around 6 days.

To make the evening more challanging we have had our own Kinguin Bowling tournament which by no surprise was won by the DREAM TEAM - Kinguin Developers.

Second place was achieved by Kinguin Designers.

...and third place was awarded to the mixed team of HR and Marketing specialists.

It was an awesome evening and we are all proud to know the person who broke a Guinness World Record. We are now ready for more challenges and break more records!