Раздача с TheAtlanticCraft и Kinguin!

На этой неделе Kinguin, в сотрудничестве с TheAtlanticCraft, дает вам возможность выиграть € 30 и потратить их на ваши любимы игры!

TheAtlanticCraft are a British & American YouTube duo who specialise in Minecraft. They are very different people which makes the let's play content very interesting as they pick on each other as they battle through various adventures. They made CrazyCraft, the worlds largest mod-pack, the Lucky Block minigame & many other games too, as well as showcase many new mods on their channel.

Kinguin is a global marketplace that has one big mission: bring the best games in the best possible prices! With Kinguin everyone can SAVE ON EVERY GAME! Our family has over 1,5 million members, and is constantly growing. If you love games and low prices – join us now!

Winners will be announced here on 15th of December, good luck!

Giveaway with TheAtlanticCraft and Kinguin!