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Warning! Potentional avalanches of deals, which bring you the chance to get your game, along with twice the money you paid for it! 

How would it feel if you bought KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE , DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ or GRAND THEFT AUTO V  and got the game, plus twice the amount of cash you just paid? Well, why don't you find out?

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How to get the best deal on a PC game ever?


  • Place and pay for an order during the promotion.
  • At the end of the promo we'll draw 50 winners.
  • Each winner gets 200% of the money he or she paid.
  • The winners will be published here, at our blog, on February 13th
  • The campaign is valid from February 9th from 11:00 am CET to Febryary 13th 11:00 am CET, storewide. 
  • The winners will be contacted via email 


Buy more, get more back

You will receive your cashback in EURBalance in your account!

It doesn't matter if you're buying a hot new release or a classic, or a DLC. The offer applies to every single game and item bought at Kinguin.net.

We thought it would be a bit crazy, but… why not? 

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Order number: Name: 

  1. S*******840     Łukasz K.
  2. S*******11C    Christoph H.
  3. S*******AFE    Relentle s.
  4. S*******729     William M.
  5. S*******43B     Nolwenn L. C.
  6. S*******56F     Svante M.
  7. S*******E74     Henrique R.
  8. S*******E07     antonio guillermo m.c.
  9. S*******892      Mason S.
  10. S*******E24      Patrik N.
  11. S*******997      Eskil L.
  12. S*******9EA      Adam A.
  13. S*******9C5      Bruno E.
  14. S*******E14      Lachlan U.
  15. S*******783      Andrew G.
  16. S*******355      yann l.
  17. S*******DDA     Rafael Andrés M.M.
  18. S*******22E      Fernan E.
  19. S*******6B3      Domagoj A.
  20. S*******F27      Dmitry B.
  21. S*******9CA     Emily B.
  22. S*******E81      Q. Q.
  23. S*******933      Monique H.
  24. S*******AEE     Dominik K.
  25. S*******E76      Lukasz M.
  26. S*******4F4      Tim T.
  27. S*******8E6      Pascal-Norman L.
  28. S*******281      Gregory I.
  29. S*******258      Steven A.
  30. S*******1F9      Dennis S.
  31. S*******F20      Oscar V.
  32. S*******0F8      asdorix v.
  33. S*******86E      Massimo F.
  34. S*******5C1      Marius B.
  35. S*******993       Gerda van der W.
  36. S*******F78       Marcin M.
  37. S*******533       Sebastian G.
  38. S*******F40       Michelle R.
  39. S*******DC7      Florian H.
  40. S*******74A       Jose Manuel F.P.
  41. S*******ED2       Basti H.
  42. S*******B49       Alvaro V.
  43. S*******122       alexis g o. o.
  44. S*******36C       Vincenzo G.
  45. S*******53B       Jake J.
  46. S*******1CB       Mark R.
  47. S*******7CE       Benjamin B.
  48. S*******A2F       Arancha F.
  49. S*******AB7       Dihan K.
  50. S*******954        Mattias F.