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Rome: Total War Collection (2021) EU Steam CD Key


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Release date: 29/04/2021

otal War: ROME REMASTERED lets you relive the legacy that defined the award-winning strategy game series. Remastered to 4K with multiple improvements to visuals as well as refinements to gameplay, it’s time to revisit a true classic. Not everyone gets a second chance to conquer the Roman Empire.

ROME REMASTERED includes the Alexander and Barbarian Invasion DLCs, as well as a copy of the original ROME: Total War Collection*, if you don’t already own it. 


  • Improved Visuals
    ROME REMASTERED brings the classic Rome visuals up to date, with 4K optimization, ultra-widescreen and native UHD resolution support. This visual upgrade extends across a multitude of features, including re-modeled buildings and objects, and environment effects like dust clouds and heat haze. The refreshed campaign maps also boasts new high-resolution models, and units have been remodelled and retextured to look their very best on the battlefield. 
  • Modern Features
    ROME REMASTERED includes a host of modern features and improvements to existing mechanics. The in-game camera has been enhanced, including map rotation and wider zoom level in Campaign mode. Heat maps and new icon overlays have been added for gameplay mechanics such as diplomacy and security. In Battle, the new tactical map, unit displays and range markers give you greater command over Rome’s battlefields.
  • Enhanced Game Mechanics
    Players can now expand their armies and experience 16 additional factions that were previously locked, giving a grand total of 38 playable factions. In a first for Total War, you can now take your favourite faction to battle against friends in cross-platform multiplayer between Windows, macOS and Linux. A whole new agent type has also been added to the fray; Merchants can be sent all over the world to create trade links, access resources and buy out rivals to increase your income and assert your faction’s economic power.

*Please note, ROME: Total War Collection is only playable on Windows and will not be available to play until the release of ROME REMASTERED.

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Automatic translation
Thoroughly loved the original. Spent many many hours playing. Remastered is even better - Love the tweaks they have made. Already put a lot of hours in - yet to try multiplayer though.
Automatic translation
very good game I highly recommend it in my opinion it is the best total war right after miedieval 2 because newer total war is not too bad for me
John Kousoulas
Automatic translation
A true classic. Still runs without issue in todays software. Great game always fun and easy to get into. Definitely recommend it to any/all especially strategy games enthousiasts!
Great remaster!
Automatic translation
Rome: Total War is a great strategy game. The Total War series is one of the best around, only Football Manager can beat it. The game is set during the growth of the Roman Empire and the mission is simple: take control of the empire! There are 3 factions that trying to gain power, the Julii in the North of Italy, the Brutii in the South and the Scripii in Central Italy and Silicy. You are meant to help gain territory for the Empire until you have enough strength to conquer Rome itself and the other two factions. As you conquer states you are also able to play as other states such as Gaul, Greece, Egypt, etc. What makes the Total War types of game in one. There is the battle real time part which is excellent and the mission is simple, win! The other part is the turn-style strategy on the European map and you have to do a lot to maintain your empire. There are other parts to the game as well, such as Historical battles and set-piece battles.
Automatic translation
It never gets old! The total war saga remains even if with some ailments one of the best in the field of strategic (I recommend the mod napoleonic total war 2)