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Buy Robin: Race! Steam CD Key

Buy Robin: Race! Steam CD Key

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Release date: 30/03/2021

Run for your life - and for glory!

A superfast 3D third-person cartoon racing game where you run as one of 19 unique rabbits in 4 beautiful settings and 8 complex levels in singleplayer high score- or time trial-mode, or even in LAN multiplayer versus other players cross-platform on Windows, Linux and Android.


  • 19 unique, colorful rabbits
  • 8 individually handcrafted racing track levels
  • 4 unique environmental settings
  • 3 game modes: high score, time trial, time trial multiplayer
  • 4 difficulties
  • 4 different input methods: keyboard, gamepad, touch, and motion/accelerometer
  • super fast-paced fun gameplay
  • relaxing AND exciting, depending on your personal playstyle and goals
  • individual player profiles with name, appearance, and XP gathered throughout plays
  • extensive high score leaderboard (local) for endless self-improvement + replay-ability
  • singleplayer and LAN multiplayer
  • cross-platform play on Windows, Linux, Android
  • Windows and Linux versions included
  • graphics settings options to support low- and highend computers equally well

New in Version v1.01:

  • Added 4 all new rabbits!!
  • Added OpenGL fallback for Windows!
  • Added Robin splash screen on startup instead of default!
  • Added displaying host IP address in lobby room!
  • Added same-version-check for network play!
  • Improved demo version call to action dialogs + links!
  • Fixed time warning sound: correctly disabled when sounds disabled!