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Release date: 02/06/2014

An artificial nano-virus eliminated humanity almost completely by transform all humans to a mob of mutilated deadly zombies. Not many people were able to survive and you are one of them!

The world after a zombie apocalypse in which the main characters are forced to survive among the many dangers. It is a story about the average people are faced a danger and decided not to run away but to give battle. During the story you will get to know what was the beginning of the disaster and help other survivors to outlast its aftermath. You will discover how this incident has affected the world. But whether you can reverse the aftermath of the disaster and give the new world a chance to arise on the ruins of the old?


  • A fresh view on a story of zombie apocalypse
  • The robotized zombies infected by a nano-virus
  • A lots of enemies which are different between each other not only by their appearance but also by their behaviour
  • A generable gameplay: each fight is different from other
  • The different characters each with its own specialization
  • A lot of devastating guns and abilities that can help you to get out from any trouble
  • The powerful stationary turrets as addition to your arsenal
  • An enthralling story and a long journey from a usual city to a place that hard to imagine
  • A survival mode as a challenge to your ability of surviving in the real hell and to challenge with other players in Steam.
  • And of course an atmosphere of a true post-apocalypse!
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