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Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 - Content Pack Steam CD Key

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Release date: 26/11/2020

Expand your Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 even more with this Content Pack ! Additional vehicles, snowcats and ropeways complete your gaming experience in Season 2! Prepare your slopes with the originally licensed Prinorth Leitwolf, climb mountain trails with one of the new ATVs and complete exciting missions!

Explore a new and expanded ski region! Different tasks like preparing slopes, handling ropeways and managing the daily resort life are waiting for you and your friends. The new gameplay missions will challenge you every day. Grab your friends and prepare your slopes in the multiplayer mode! The Season 2 Content Pack adds all that and even more to the game.

  •  5 new vehicles
  •  2 new ropeways
  •  New game world with redesigned village
  •  Challenging In-game missions

Prepare your slopes with the authentically recreated Prinorth! Depending on your needs, the Leitwolf is available both in a solo and a winch version, which allows you to reach the top even on the steepest slopes. You need more speed for an urgent delivery? Choose one of the three other new vehicles and get the job done! The ATV guarantees maximum acceleration and speed, while a crawler-type vehicle with articulated steering keeps you moving even in the most difficult terrain. Back on the street, a new SUV transports you and your friends safely back home.

  •  Brand new snowcat Prinorth Leitwolf in winch and solo version
  •  New ATV in wheeled and crawler version
  •  SUV Car for transport purposes
  •  Off-road crawler vehicle with articulated steering
  •  Officially licensed by Prinorth

In addition to the vehicles, the content pack also brings two more ropeways to your game: Both a new D-Line type 10-seater gondola lift and a Funitel type ropeway are waiting to be put into operation. For the first time in Winter Resort Simulator Season 2, both ropeways are also equipped with a new ropeway control system that brings along new challenges. If you wish, you can also include both ropeways with their new station buildings in your very own map, which will even work in multiplayer! All ropeways are recreated with the kind permission of Doppelmayr.

  •  New Doppelmayr D-Line 10-seater gondola lift
  •  Authentic Funitel Type Ropeway with high transport capacity
  •  Including a Funitel transport gondola for delivery purposes
  •  Use the ropeways on your very own map!
  •  Interactive tutorials for each ropeway

The renewed version of Hallstein village lies underneath the snowy mountains and waits to be explored by you and your friends! Redefined slopes winding through mountains need to be prepared for your guests. Visit the new alpine huts and enjoy the view of the panoramic mountain view of Hallstein Season 2! Explore the whole world during missions, delivering goods from the foot of the mountain to the top!

  •  Extensively redesigned map with completely reworked village
  •  New alpine restaurants and huts
  •  8 different ropeways
  •  16 ski slopes, almost doubled in area
  •  More detailed environment and natural feeling
  •  Challenging missions let you explore the new world
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