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Skitt Steam CD Key

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Release date: 24/08/2020

Skitt, a game that combines visual novel with first person shooter.

A disease Zombie?
It is more than that, no government expected it, it is not just any disease. People said that zombies had invaded the earth. Crazy people said it was a government invention to reduce the population but it got out of hand. The religious said that it was a punishment for our sins. Scientists said it was the worst disease that humans have ever known.

The fate of your people is in your hands
You are the head of a place where people are hungry. Your mission is move this place forward. Just a small detail, you are not the first to try.


  •     First person shooter with more than 8 characters. Each one is unique and playable in different ways. Upgrade your weapons and abilities.
  •     Story with interesting characters that is told as a visual novel.
  •     Improve your base and people will be calm and happy, they will thank you very much.
  •     Explore places like the forest, the city, a farm and other places while eliminating all kinds of enemies on your way.
  •     Your people are the only thing that matters.
  •     The disease is not the real problem.
  •     Everything can go wrong.
  •     Your people need you.
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