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Origin / EA app
Origin / EA app
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4
Battlefield V EN/FR/ES Languages Only Origin CD Key
Battlefield V Definitive Edition EN Language Only Origin CD Key
Battlefield V Definitive Edition EN/RU Languages Only Origin CD Key

Battlefield V Year 2 Edition EN/FR/ES/PT Languages Only Origin CD Key

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Release date: 31/10/2019


Battlefield V base game plus 37 Chapter Reward items rewarded in the game’s first year:

  • 17 Primary Weapons
    • Ag m/42
    • Boys AT Rifle
    • Commando Carbine
    • Lahti-Saloranta M/26
    • P08
    • M1922 MG
    • Tromboncino M28
    • MAB 38
    • Modèle 1944
    • Mk III
    • Selbstlader 1906
    • VGO
    • ZK-383
    • Kbsp wz. 1938M
    • S2-200
    • Panzerbüchse 39
    • M1935 PG Rifle
  • 4 Vehicles
    • Stug IV
    • Archer
    • JU 88C
    • Mosquito FB Mk VI
  • 2 Epic Soldier Outfits
    • Double Down
    • Baron Von Zorn
  • 10 Epic Weapon Skins
    • White Tiger (Ag m/42)
    • Napalm (Bren Gun)
    • White Tiger (M1922 MG)
    • Napalm (M30 Drilling)
    • Napalm (Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I)
    • Napalm (MP 40)
    • White Tiger (Mk III)
    • Napal,m (STG 44)
    • White Tiger (VGO)
    • White Tiger (ZK-383)
  • 4 Epic Vehicle Skins
    • Stug IV vehicle skin
    • Valentine AA Mk 1 vehicle skin
    • Spitfire Mk VB vehicle skin
    • JU 88C vehicle skin

Welcome to the best way to join Battlefield™ V. Experience WW2 as you’ve never seen it before, including a host of rewards: all weapons and vehicles across year one of the Battlefield V Tides of War Chapters and the most popular weapon and vehicle skins. Plus, customize your Company with two Epic soldier outfits! Stand out on the battlefield, and in the middle of a firefight.

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Automatic translation
One of the best Battlefields of recent times, too bad they completely failed on Battlefield 5. If they had followed the line of 1 and 5 we would have an excellent modern war game...
Automatic translation
As for now this is the best battlefield to play. There's a lot of people online all the time and I don't see any major issues (like in BF2042). Very fun to play!
Automatic translation
If someone likes battlefields, it's definitely worth it. It does not, however, wash up to BF 3/4. However, in order to be relatively fluid, relatively new and powerful equipment is needed.
Automatic translation
It's a nice BF game, not the best by any mean but it's still fun and it has a single player campaign that is quite short yet it's worth playing. We all know that the focus was on MP rather than SP.
Automatic translation
My favourite part of battlefield series <3 <3 Good graphics, realistic. Still, a lot of online players I. love this game !!