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Buy Island SAGA Steam CD Key

Buy Island SAGA Steam CD Key

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Release date: 19/05/2020

In Island SAGA, you play as the protagonist character as you explore the island of adventure, Valentine Island, with your four royal and royally busty party members in order to search for the fabled treasure of love known as the Love Rheid in this RPG inspired by a very famous classic RPG series!


  • Plot!
  • Eight big PLOTS!
  • Battle lines for the heroines voiced by famous Japanese voice actors!
  • Randomized loot!
  • 5 difficulty settings, suitable for players who just want to enjoy the story and hijinks and for players who really want a challenge!
  • 50 Quests to take and accept!
  • 6 Weapon Arts types (Sword, Greatsword, Spear, Axe, Bow, Martial Arts) featuring techs like Dragon's Tail, Waterfowl Blade, Scattered Petals, Shooting Star, Time Lapse, Reverse Delta, and Air Throw!
  • 6 Magic schools (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark) featuring spells like Fire Whip, Squall, Vacuum Slash, Reverse Gravity, Sun Ray, and Soul Freeze!
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