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This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.
Release date: 21/01/2020

Warsworn: Dragon of japan is a real-time grand strategy game set during the Sengoku period in Japan. Players can draft their own clans, compete in high spirit battles, and come up with epic strategies during their campaign to unify Japan.

  • Risky spy actions when used strategically can turn the tide of war. Spy actions that are discovered by the enemy will have a negative impact on your reputation and honor.
  • Maintaining high honor and reputation is important for the success rate of diplomacy actions. Lower reputation and honor clan are more likely to be targeted by coalitions. Treacherous wills will have the most impact on your reputation and honor stats.
  • There are no turn times in Dragon of Japan. You can strategize and perform sneaky maneuvers in real time. As a result of battles commencing in real-time, players should be wary of outside forces such as AI joining the battle in real-time.
  • Whether it is to combat nearby forces that might interfere, or overpower the opposition with numbers, both AI and player controlled generals can bolster their military strength, by commanding a joint campaign of two generals.
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