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Release date: 09/09/2019

Marble Odyssey follows the journey of Odie, a marble thrust into a series of tests of dexterity, speed and quick thinking as Odie attempts to rescue himself and his friends, who have been secreted across a series of mysterious ocean islands. Each of the Odysseys initial 25 levels, offer a blend of rescue mission, treasure hunt, and time trial. Its your challenge to navigate each levels goals, and achieve the perfect score.


  • 20 Levels of action
  • Each level needs a combination of speed, marble rescue and point collection to win.
  • Some levels are guarded by Baddies, marbles warped to evil that will try and thwart your progress!
  • Special powers allow your marble to Jump, Brake and Turbo speed.
  • Pit yourself against a range of challenges, including perilous ledges, chasm spanning jumps and pinball table elements (Plus more!).
  • Unlock-able Marble Skins, achieved by rescuing your marble comrades, try to collect them all across your adventures.
  • Unique Marble skins, available from the Steam store, will allow you to expand your Marble collection and express your individuality.
  • DLC Level packs, will offer further tests of dexterity, quick-thinking and speed (post full release).
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