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Release date: 22/07/2019

Arizona Derby is an action-packed racing game set at the world's harshest off-road conditions and fascinating landscapes. It’s home to the most intense racing adventures and place for showing your ultimate driving skills while pimping your rides and beating the gangs and their bosses around the globe.


  • "Arizona Derby" is made from Racers to the Racers, we're not big corp, nothing stays in between, just pure adrenaline for the off-roads. We're oriented toward the maximum fun and all the future development of the "AD" will be oriented to the final user, namely: you.
  • 30 world's most amazing tracks with night and fog modes,
  • 87 exotic supercars, fully tuned with thousands of parameters, to immerse you into highly realistic and surely unique, off-road experience.
  • Smart Ai drivers, which learn while racing you, through the system of neural networks, specifically handcrafted for fast-paced offroad racing will make you feel like playing versus real opponent, with always new strategy to block or overtake you, which you need to prevents
  • an extreme variety of customizations,
  • mixing third-person elements with action-packed racings, such as ADriver mode, which is Hero out of the car, for looting airdrops supplies
  • ADrone mode used for evading harsh conditions,
  • During the period of the 6 months prior to release, hundreds of the feedbacks from about 2,000 early testers are carefully polished and fixed you can see here
  • It has 6 real actors for Gang bosses, it has its own hyped soundtrack which brings adrenaline with wild racings to the top,
  • Mixing all the best from all-action racing games and refreshing it with unique action-packed gameplay
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