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Buy Night of the Scarecrows Steam CD Key

Buy Night of the Scarecrows Steam CD Key

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Can be activated in - United States
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Release date: 19/06/2019

Classic first person arena shooter without player classes, tutorials, cases and social networks. Welcome back to 1999: no regenerating health, no screen hints, no radars, no assisted navigation. All you need is to escape the scarecrows, shoot them and avoid the impact of your own rockets.


  • "Quick Death" game mode: first person shooter chess. Ammo is limited, so you have to avoid enemies, waiting for a chance to blast at least two of them with single shot.
  • "Barn Massacre" game mode: ammo is unlimited and you are locked in a small barn. Enjoy the music of falling enemies and the rain of their guts ( not included in Early Access build ).
  • "Silo Tower Defence" game mode: yes, that's tower defence. With sniper rifles. Given to you by Mother Mary. After diligent prayers ( not included in Early Access build ).
  • Challenging enemies: scarecrows moves erratically, runs fast and attacks with no sound.
  • Atmospheric retro setting of desolated East-European countryside.
  • Scarecrows decomposition system -- shooting limbs off rarely stops them.
  • Global leader tables.
  • Absolute stylistic integrity -- 99% of all game assets created by single person, map artist Zihaben.
  • Latest stable release of Unity Engine ensures that game will run with no problem.
  • Build heavily optimised using texure atlases so framecount won't suffer on older computers.