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Release date: 18/01/2019

It is a game where you must climb a tower avoiding the lava reach you, you can customize your character and play with friends.
The purpose of the game is to get all the lost songs during the time and reach the end of the tower.
You can customize your character with color palette and choosing Skins.

Different and random tests are generated on the floors of the tower, as you go up you change the difficulty:

  • Easy: 15 different tests.
  • Means: 15 different tests 
  • Difficult: 15 different tests.

They are difficult to obtain, and the test that allows access to it is even more difficult and rare to find.
There are 4 types of artifacts that prove your worth to get them. and its color shows its difficulty.

Where do the artifacts come from?

  • Easy tests: no artifact
  • Medium Tests: blue and green artifact.
  • Difficult tests: blue, green, yellow and red artifact.

When playing in the tower you can get PointsMusical Notes and Nuts, with these you can buy some items in the store.

  • Points: Colors, in total 8 palette of colors
  • Nuts: Skins, in total 4 different skins.
  • Notes: Tracks, in total 12 tracks, each track with 4 songs, equal to 48 different songs.

What are the musical tracks for?
The tracks are reproduced randomly to suit the game, changing from time to time, according to the number of tracks purchased and obtained.

What are Skins?
You can change the appearance of your character with different skins, so you can look different to your friends.

And what is the color palette?
In addition to the skins, you can also change the colors of the same with palettes formed by 4 colors that change the appearance of your character.

  • Primary color: mainly carcass and a large part of your character
  • Secondary color: hide and small parts of the character.
  • Tertiary color: more visible parts that contrast with the primary color
  • Color fourth: character light and effects of the same.
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