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Kup Cyberpunk 2077 GOG CD Key

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Automatyczne tłumaczenie
Played through the entire game and had a blast with this one, was definitely a fun experience and story to follow through with and definitely a game I can play over and still enjoy. Absolutely a good buy.
Automatyczne tłumaczenie
I only played after the 1.5 update and I loved it, multiple playthoughs, alot of skills, romance options could be more in depth but I'm excited for the DLC to arrive.
Automatyczne tłumaczenie
Since the update, cant fault it. Great story line with many different turns. Happy to play it over and over again.......
Automatyczne tłumaczenie
Do not let others dissuade you from playing Cyberpunk 2077, don't overthink it, and do not go into the game expecting neither complete perfection, nor absolute failure. I think Cyberpunk was a prime example of the fine balance between expectation and payoff, as well as the tendency for the general gaming community, and associated media outlets to be prone to overwhelming negativity when their expectations are not completely satiated. To be fair, bugs were a huge issue upon launch, but I decided to let the whole thing simmer over until the developers had some time to sort the kinks out, and for all the outrage-drenched noise to dissipate. And guess what? I am truly thankful for the patience i clung onto, and for the choice to still give the game a shot. I genuinely cannot count how many times I froze mid-play, unable to tear my eyes away from a gorgeous view. And by view, I mean it in the broadest sense, because as long as you have a decent card (2070, in my case), even the most mundane of things will make your jaw drop and lose yourself in the moment. At the very very least, this game is a technical/visual MARVEL, and you WILL scratch that artistic itch you never thought you had. I truly mean it. It's a role-playing action/adventure first-person shooter, sure, the rich city, NIGHT CITY, the people, the mood, the lighting, the architecture; The visual stories they all help manifest, THOSE, are the things that'll amaze, impress, inspire and earn Itself a firm place in your memories of the experience. Mark my not-very-consequential words, Cyberpunk 2077 will go down in the gaming annuls of time as a work of art, flaws and all.
Automatyczne tłumaczenie
Great game, worth it! Finally after 1.5 patch it's working much better than on release day. I didn't have any bugs of PC crashes. Very good RPG elements and great characters.
Data wydania: 10/12/2020

Wake up, Samurai. We have a legendary game to play. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most popular role-playing games ever, letting you live in Night City, a sprawling metropolis full of crime. Make it as a gangster in the world of the future designed by the makers of The Witcher 3.

This first-person experience combines tense shootouts with looting mechanics and a deep narrative starring Keanu Reeves, one of the most beloved actors in history. Unleash the beauty of the future with wonderfully realized visuals, and explore both the gigantic city and its outskirts in one of many cars at your disposal.

Be yourself - create a unique character and develop your skills using dozens of available options. Make story choices that matter and take different approaches to combat scenarios.

Immerse yourself in a whole new world.


  • In-depth lore of the Cyberpunk RPG system
  • Lightning-fast combat
  • Tons of ranged and melee weapons
  • Incredible visuals
  • Main missions and side quests that matter