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Buy Dead Castle Steam CD Key

Buy Dead Castle Steam CD Key

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Release date: 18/05/2019

Forge your own path in dead castle! This is a roguelike(roguelite), metroidvania inspired, action RPG game. An epic action adventure through a vast sprawling, ever-changing castle, explore twisting caverns and dark forest in order to save the “princess” who was captured by the evil.


  • Fast-paced Combat, crush enemies in the palm of your hand. Attack! Dodge! Do not hesitate
  • Random heroes, random dungeon world, random enemies、traps and treasures, new experience every time
  • Different weapons with unique special attacks and skills
  • Massive cyborg bosses, every boss unleashes flurries of different attacks
  • Many more features that you will find out in game

Now Is the Time For You to Discover the Truth.

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