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Buy The Island: In To The Mist 그 섬 Steam CD Key

Buy The Island: In To The Mist 그 섬 Steam CD Key

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Release date: 31/01/2019

‘The Island’ is an indie adventure game that is fully dubbed with a new system, based upon fundamental substances of an adventure genre.
Your decisions and playthrough footage will change the game flow in a perspective of various characters.

Enjoy the plots, make important decisions, and check out the end game that you chose to decide! Every decision that you make counts. Will the heroes make through the end?

‘Nautilus,’ a scuba diving club of Hankook University, plans to have a trip to the ‘Baek Island,’ a famous island for scuba diving.
However, they end up to a shipwreck on their way to the island.
Members decide to help the survivors by towing the damaged ship to the closest island.
After spending a night at an abandoned island, members start to realize that they got into the worst situation they could ever possibly confront…


  • Interactive adventure game with an immersion of watching a movie
  • A volume of interesting events that characters confront by getting trapped in the island
  • Your decisions ‘truly’ impact the flow of the game, and affect the entire scene
  • Story continues with another character even after one falls
  • Full-Voice support with all lines dubbed in Korean
  • 6 main streams and story lines, where every character becomes a hero/heroine of the game
  • 15 Bad Endings and 7 Survival Endings
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