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Reverse Fantasy Legend Steam CD Key

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Release date: 23/11/2017

Light novel + indie game!

Extremely difficult!

The ordinary farmer's son Kells, because of the contract with the unknown creature Fat dragon and embarked on a fantasy journey, the future dream is to collect all kinds of girls' pants, build a great harem mercenary group! Countless vulgarly happy adventure story in It keeps happening during the journey, joyful and funny, passionate, love and justice...

This series is independently produced by the original author of the light novel (original "猥琐吧!后宫佣兵团", registered in SF轻小说), completely in line with the original thinking, different from the traditional RPG mode, extremely difficult, puzzle, battle, trap is extremely challenging!

The customs clearance time may exceed 100 hours, and there are rich hidden exploration elements, and you can also play more loop!

Different difficulty options:

Agitation adventure
A challenging adventure, you can unlock achievements and open next loop content.

Reduce the mercenary employment costs, improve the ability of specific roles, the main line of difficult breakthrough scenarios can choose to pass directly,Unable to unlock achievements, unable to enter the next loop content.

This game has unimaginable difficulty. Once you start the game, you will face a unique challenge! Be sure to familiarize yourself with the in-game help content.

Hahaha! The harem king must be me!

Millions words of huge plots (include game version of the special branch story), light novel story experience, easy and funny plot content may give you an unexpected experience.

The exploration part is very colorful and difficult. At the same time, various traps are full of novelty experiences. The initial tips are relatively few. Please pay attention to the dialogue between the characters and go to the teahouses to get important tips. In addition, this is not even have seen the original work and can pass the customs smoothly.

If you like the challenge, perhaps this is a good fit. After unlocking all the thoughts, The main character's room will open a special room of glory!

Every player who enters the room of glory, please send the relevant save to email to confirm, and will leave an account forever on the game store page,Game glory monuments will also be permanently engraved!

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