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This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.
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Release date: 15/11/2018

UpBreakers is an action-packed casual game for 2-16 players, who compete against each other in two teams to haul the most stuff out of the broken household during the heated move. Prepare for chaos: You’ll have to push, throw, fling and tear your way through the game. Walls? Windows? Away with it! Where the UpBreakers show up, no walls are left standing!

Fair play, respect and kindness? Wrong place, kiddo! This game has no time for a masquerade! Shake it up and free your inner demons!

When two people break up there is no easy way to part with all the stuff they once shared. Bad for the nerves, perfect for the experts: When the couple’s quarrel is beyond salvation they call the UpBreakers! Two fractious, batshit-crazy moving companies who specialize in supporting the broken up individuals by claiming the most of the former household. There’s no question about who gets what.

Whoever hires the Upbreakers shouldn't expect a normal, trouble-free split-up. This game brings absolute chaos into the home of the broken-up parties. Not a nice procedure for the freshly-separated victims who have to witness their belongings become subject of the feud the two groups are staging on their behalf. All the more fun for the players of this unique party game!

It's going to be loud, chaotic and insane. UpBreakers is a fast paced game where the players have to work together as a moving company and ace out the opposing team. Both teams start in front of the house where their respective broken-up clients still linger in misery. Time starts ticking down and chaos begins: coordinate your own team to collect all the packed-up boxes, furniture and appliances and get them to your client as fast as you can to collect the reward in points. Spare no effort to prevent the oppsoing team from doing exactly the same, because after time runs out, only the team with the most points wins.

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