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Buy Xeno Time Inception Steam CD Key

Buy Xeno Time Inception Steam CD Key

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Release date: 17/08/2019

Xeno Time Inception is a unique Indie Sci-Fi Solo FPS. Play as Carl and experience his adventures through a world of altered temporality and boundaries. Forget everything you know or expect about time and dive into new parallel worlds.

  • The Story
    For his first day at Xeno Tech Laboratories, Carl Smoke did not expect what he would discover. Temporal and energetic experiments, new technologies and parallel worlds, here is an overview of what he was going to discover.
    He, who simply had to launch a revolutionary experiment of which he had studied the smallest aspects and debauched, he was far from suspecting what he was going to generate ... An unexpected dysfunction of the system caused the energy catalysts to be stopped until the crystal finally imploded, causing damages that no one could have predicted: an electromagnetic and temporal cataclysm that was never equaled.
    The time itself had been disrupted…

  • The Levels
    In this Solo Game, you’ll discover the story by moving forward through 15 levels in various temporalities.
    Meet a wide variety of enemies and multiple bosses along the way while battling through several unique environments.

  • Movements
    Discover an offbeat world with unique movements.
    Run, Double Jump over obstacles, Slide underneath monsters and escape them by running on Walls and through different temporalities.

  • Time Control Skills
    In XTI, Time plays a major role to discover the real story behind the game and offers you amazing gameplay features.
    Get back in Time, Slow Time, Stop Time to resolve quest, discover hidden parts of the story and to get an elemental Control of the environment next to you.

  • 2 Main Weapons
    Unlock 2 main Guns during the game and upgrade them.
    Each weapon can be leveled up to unlock additional weapon modification add-ons.
    Combine add-ons for each monster and situation you need to deal with.
    Also grab some dedicated physical objects, like Ax, Spikes, Barrels, in the decor and turn them into a weapon.

  • 250+ weapon combinations
    Over 250 weapon combinations are waiting for you. Add some deathly or strategic add-ons to your main weapons and create masterpieces for every situation - from the machine gun throwing flames to the black hole creator plasma cannon.

  • 20 different monsters to fight
    Fight 20 different monsters and scary bosses while moving forward through the different levels. Be careful! The difficulty will increase with every level! Don’t forget to adapt your weapons!
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