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Fight of Gods - DLC Character - Freyja Steam CD Key

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Release date: 04/09/2017

Freyja has arrived in Fight Of Gods to forever reshape the battle for existence!

In Norse Mythology, Freyja is the goddess associated with both love and war. She’s commonly described as a charming character who everyone loved.

As the leader of the Valkyrja, who choose who will live and die in battle, she possesses great power and awesome fighting ability. Like Odin, she’s forever recruiting Einherjar (warrior spirits) for the coming Ragnarok: When a war ends in the mortal realm, she leads the Valkyrja to collect fallen warriors’ souls and lead them to the meadow of Folkvang.

This DLC contains playable character Freyja as well as a new level (the halls of Folkvang) and new music.

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