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This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.
Release date: 01/11/2017

Apocalypse is the upcoming survival title built entirely by one developer, with a growing community, the apocalypse focuses on singleplayer apocalyptic survival, with all of the latest graphics technologies integrated together such as Physx 3, Unity 2018.2, Directx 12, and Vulkan API. Built and funded by the community! The final release will feature a fully voiced campaign which follows the life of a survivor, struggling to fight alongside the few established factions left, in one complete immersive first-person shooter experience.

This is a very different title compared to most development projects, because this is a solo project, I'm completely open to ideas, improvements, and implementations! After playing you can head to our community page, our twitter page, or our website and give us feedback, submit any bugs, and suggest more features that you'd like to see in a future update. Many of the apocalypse's features have been integrated thanks to the community's feedback, such as the building system, vulkan support, and the factions within the campaign.

Since the start of the apocalypse's development, we've spent months working on our unique maps in survival and sandbox modes. All of the environments have been hand-crafted with realistic props and buildings with constant updates to the visuals and shaders to polish the overall appearance. Built so that you can utilize weapons, craft shelters and build structures. In the future, we're updating the title to have the much-requested looting system too

The sandbox mode is an open-ended mode for the player to build shelters, defenses, towns, etc, while exploring the map, taking advantage of the steam workshop support. Along with the survival mode, with the same amount of maps, but much faster paced with mutants to fight across various waves. These will be added to while we're in early access, such as more building features, more mutants, more maps, etc! Finally, there's the anticipated campaign mode, which will be where you'll get the most gameplay during the final release.

Some information about the team behind apocalypse, we're a small development group, with one developer and one publisher, we design, publish and sell indie titles. Previously we've made three game titles, two of which are in development. We've been running for two years now and we're dedicated to making high-quality products on different platforms and marketplaces, we started with several game ideas and have evolved since then with more than 11k community members and more than 8k early access downloads. We're glad to finally make a Steam release and we plan to keep supporting apocalypse.

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