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Release date: 20/06/2018

Put on your leather jacket and prepare to rock like a hurricane. The mobile cult classic you've never heard about has finally come to PC, bigger and prettier than ever!

A Story of a Band is a management game that puts you in charge of a rock band. Starting from 1965, it will take you through the history of rock music. Witness the birth of new genres and see how the music industry changes as you lead your band through the decades. Work your way up from dirty basement and shabby bars to fancy studios and big stadiums. If you're good enough, you can eventually even have your own record company to rule.

A Story of a Band was originally released on Android in 2012. The PC version contains tons of new stuff and has completely revamped graphics and user interface.


  • Make albums and bribe a critic to get a better score
  • Sign a record deal and get bossed around by your record label
  • Go touring and wreck a hotel room
  • Make a rough underground punk band with a nasty reputation and a cult following
  • Or start selling out by making mainstream music and lose the respect of your fans
  • Fight against other bands
  • Send your bassist to rehab 
  • Kick out a misbehaving singer
  • Choose from 18 different genres and 40 subgenres, each one with unique effects
  • Improve your band by learning skills, buying new stuff and training your band members
  • Develop merchandise
  • Go to interviews
  • Found your own record label and start producing albums for other bands
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