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Buy FootballCoin 1000 XFC Voucher

Buy FootballCoin 1000 XFC Voucher

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FootballCoin gives you the chance to showcase your managerial abilities by allowing you to create your perfect football team. The game has you registering it in competitions, create the team’s roster, and winning prizes based on your football knowledge.

A new and transparent crypto-economy

We deal in our very own XFCCOIN. Like other digital tokens, XFC is impossible to counterfeit or hack. So your money is safely encrypted. Also, because we are a self-sustaining currency system, the XFC was issued in a limited amount of 1 billion units. So we function as a healthy economy with natural growth and no inflation.

Hundreds of collectible players

Football players ranked 3 stars and up have their cards issued on the blockchain in a limited number. Once you own a card, it’s yours forever, unless you decide to trade or sell it to another user.

You’re in charge of your money

You can spend the money you earn inside the game, but you can also transfer it to other users or exchange it for bitcoin or traditional fiat currency (USD, EUR) in the cryptocurrency market.

Reality based scoring system

You are scored based on your players’ performance on the field in real life. The scores vary depending on players’ statistics, playing positions and their actions in real matches (goals, corner kicks, fouls etc). So even though your team is a fantasy football team, your decisions as a manager will be validated by real events.


  • 11 International football leagues
  • 430 Collectible player cards on the market
  • 49 Stadiums and counting
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