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Available to play on 10th May 2018.
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Release date: 10/05/2018

The Day I Died is a first-person storytelling game with light puzzle and zombie melee fight elements. Your goal is to find a way out of the lab where you have been trapped. The game is about to experience a story, the last day alive of the protagonist (you), via discovering the play area, solving puzzles on the way and having a few fights versus zombies. You can level both combats and puzzles based on your preference, make them easy or more challenging.


  • Interact with the environment to find out what's going on, and how your day -and your life- ends
  • Solve puzzles to progress
  • Defeat zombies in light (easy) melee combat
  • Level both fighting and puzzles as you wish: set combat difficulty and decide if you wish to reveal hints for solving tasks; (hints are grouped based on the level of help they give: suggestions, recommendations or the exact solution to a problem)
  • The estimated play time is 2-4 hours, depending on your pace, attitude and routine in the genre
  • The game saves your progress automatically, you don't have to worry about that
  • Trading Cards are ready for the game and will come as soon as the game is marked eligible by Valve
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