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Release date: 27/08/2019

Hunt: Showdown - Enter the Shadows, Embrace the Hunt!

Prepare for a heart-pounding, high-stakes journey into the untamed Louisiana swamps, where monstrous nightmares roam freely. As a tenacious bounty hunter, it's your duty to rid the world of these grotesque creatures, earning generous rewards and unlocking a deadly arsenal. However, with every successful hunt, the risk escalates, and the line between hunter and prey becomes blurred.


  • High Risk, High Reward, High Tension: Embark on a unique blend of competitive, match-based gameplay that intertwines both PvP and PvE elements. In a tense atmosphere, up to five teams of two set out to track nightmarish targets. Successfully defeating a monstrous adversary grants a bounty, instantly making your duo the target for every remaining hunter on the map. One misstep could lead to your demise, but the rewards are worth the risk.
  • Progression Through the Bloodline: Even in the face of death, your progress endures. As fallen hunters pass their experience to your Bloodline, you can apply these earned skills to your new recruits. Survival comes at a price, and the experience gained from each fallen hero contributes to the overall growth of your lineage. Use the money and experience wisely to equip new hunters and prepare for the unforgiving challenges that lie ahead.
  • Dark Sight: Tap into the supernatural with Dark Sight, a unique ability allowing hunters to peer into the veil between worlds. Illuminate the hidden and track monsters with a ghostly light, guiding you to your next target. But be wary – Dark Sight also unveils players carrying a bounty, exposing them to potential ambushes as they attempt to escape.
  • Gritty Atmosphere and Nightmarish Foes: Immerse yourself in the hauntingly atmospheric Louisiana swamps, where relentless monsters await. The game's gritty ambiance and intense gameplay provide a visceral experience, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you face unspeakable horrors.
  • Weapon Variety and Strategic Choices: Choose from a diverse array of weapons and gear, each with its own unique characteristics. Craft your loadout to suit your preferred playstyle and adapt your strategy to confront the ever-evolving challenges presented by both creatures and rival hunters.
  • Team Up or Go Solo: Decide whether to join forces with a partner or brave the perilous swamp alone. Cooperation can be a strength, but it can also be a liability. Navigate the dynamic relationships between hunters and choose the path that best ensures your survival.
  • Become the Hunter, Survive the Hunt: In Hunt: Showdown, every decision matters, every encounter is a potential threat, and every victory is hard-earned. Enter the shadows, embrace the hunt, and emerge as the ultimate predator. Secure your Steam CD Key now and experience the relentless thrill of the Louisiana swamps!
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This game is sooo good i love to play it with my Friends. I started playing because of a friend that recomendet me this game. I also stream it on twitch :)
Automatic translation
A game that is certainly not for me, but that I bought to play with friends. The gameplay is innovative and very good! I recommend it to all fans of the genre!
Automatic translation
I loved the multiplayer experience
Automatic translation
Great game, a little higher entry threshold at first
Automatic translation
Very nice game! Nice to game with your mates :)