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Buy Death or Cress Steam CD Key

Buy Death or Cress Steam CD Key

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This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further.
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Release date: 06/02/2018

It was the year 2077. Humanity had reached the era of cyberpunk. Having explored the outer space but not having found any other sparks of life there, people decided that they were the only representatives of rational beings in the universe and started reclaiming other planets going on the journey to the deep space on various starships.

SH42 was one of such starships. It left for an unusual planet which was home to giant mushrooms. The communication with SH42, transporting the settlers to colonize the planet, was lost.

A lot of light years passed when the last message was received from them. It said: "Death or Cress". A star hunter and a crusader of the Star Holy Church set out on a search of the survived or to read the funeral service for the remains of the settlers if they all had died.


  • Destroyable world
  • Interesting plot
  • Various weapons
  • Single-player story-line
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