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Buy WILOO Steam CD Key

Buy WILOO Steam CD Key

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Release date: 03/08/2017

Wiloo is a 2D platform adventure game strongly inspired by the classics mainly from the 8/16 bits era. Easy to learn how to play, but can be very challenging, especially when trying to collect all the items in the game.

Take control of the character in an adventure to rescue your buddy in this game with old school gameplay and updated visuals and sounds.

The illustrations and level design were hand crafted, only a small use of random resources was used to help make the gameplay a little more unpredictable.

Sounds and songs composed especially for this game, by Eduardo Castro.


  • 5 different worlds;
  • 5 bosses;
  • 50 main levels;
  • 10 bonus stages (mini games);
  • 6 different powerups;
  • 5 upgrades for the character (defeating the bosses);
  • 1 unlockable character;
  • 2 complementary endings;
  • Inventory system (to store items);
  • Lovely soundtrack and sounds specially designed for this game;
  • Illustrations and level design hand crafted;
  • Full Xbox 360 controller support;
  • Friendly learning curve but challenging difficulty;