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Acquistalo Skeleton Boomerang Steam CD Key

Acquistalo Skeleton Boomerang Steam CD Key

Region free
Data di rilascio: 01/08/2017

Skeleton Boomerang is a platformer where the hero, Hunter, must use an enchanted boomerang to put an end to an army of bony soldiers led by the voodoo master Mr. Saturday. Get high scores, collect upgrades, find secrets, and overcome many skeletal challenges!

As you progress through the game, your total score can unlock new boomerangs, new abilities, and health boosts. Your score is tied to performing combos by defeating multiple enemies in a single throw of your boomerang. The world is also full of secrets. Finding hidden items can unlock new stages and bosses.


    Challenging stages and bosses strewn across the island

    Upgrades, including a variety of boomerangs and special techniques

    Hidden bonus challenges

    Secret items to unlock several new stages and bosses

    Incredibly catchy and energetic soundtrack by +TEK

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