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Xbox One


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Release date: 07/06/2017

Like the DJMAX series, SUPERBEAT: XONiC is a straight rhythm game. It’s not trying to imitate real instruments for a party setting, celebrate virtual pop-idols, or tie into existing franchises. This means the game can be hyperfocused on the kinds of things fans of the rhythm game genre want – things like a good soundtrack and a solid gameplay system.

The gameplay features two sets of targets on either side of the screen. Depending on the mode, there are either two or three “lanes” per side on which notes will scroll towards the targets. In the Four Lane Mode you need to tap Up/Down/Triangle/Cross for normal notes, while the Six Lane Mode adds the Right and Circle buttons to the mix.

There are also other types of notes. Yellow circles with an arrow inside are “flick notes” (my term) that require a quick flick of either one of the PS4’s analog sticks. Red notes attached together by a line are “drag notes” that can hit by holding the appropriate analog stick up or down.

The final type of note is only in the game’s most complex mode. It looks a bit like the normal notes but fills up all of the lanes on one side. I call these ones “trigger notes” because the only way to score them is to tap the L1 or R1 button.

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