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Buy Super Bomb Rush! XBOX ONE CD Key

Buy Super Bomb Rush! XBOX ONE CD Key

Region Free
Can be activated in - United States
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Super Bomb Rush! XBOX ONE CD Key

Platform: XBOX ONE  Release Date:   2/02/2016 

Product Description

SUPER addictive. SUPER challenging. SUPER BOMB RUSH! 

A new era of hardcore Defuse 'Em Up has begun! 

Keep calm as you defuse a barrage of bombs, each one more complex than the last, all within five seconds. Can you clear all 50 and proclaim yourself a Master of defusal? Just remember to REMAIN CALM! 


  • Addictive, challenging, yet rewarding bomb defusal action! 
  • Arcade Mode beckons with 50 intense bombs to conquer! 
  • Versus Mode allows you to challenge a friend to a duel to the boom! 
  • Co-op Mode allows you and a friend (or friends!) to work together to overcome the barrage as a team! 
  • Beat Rush Mode is a unique, stage-based quest mode where you defuse to the beat! 
  • Heaps of hidden Modes and secrets to unlock as reward for your dedication! 
  • Delve deeper into SBR! by completing special Challenges that unlock super-secret content! 
  • Music produced by ArgoFox. A soundtrack so full of pure energy and filthy bass, it should be made illegal