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Ground Branch Steam CD Key

Key activation
Release date: 14/08/2018

BlackFoot Studios’ premiere title; Ground Branch is based on the real life subsection of the Special Activities Division of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Special Activities Division typically carries out deniable covert operations on foreign soil and often goes into a situation before anyone else, before Special Forces, before the SEALs, before DevGru; SAD Ground Branch is the true tip of the spear. SAD Ground Branch operatives are mainly recruited from Army Special Forces or CAG units and are experts in field craft, surveillance, small arms, hostage rescue and Close Quarters Battle.

Room clearing

Being a CIA unit Ground Branch has a free hand to get the job done and as such will take measures which military units cannot. There are laws in war and Ground Branch tears those pages out of the book when necessary. They are the gunslingers of modern day warfare and are not a direct combat unit but instead rely on stealth and hit and run tactics. This means their operational manners may be deemed questionable by some at times. Ground Branch isn’t sent in to be an ambassador of good will, they are sent in to get very specific results.


As players, gameplay will be deliberate, calculated, gritty and heavy. Without the consequence of death and loss there is no depth to the game. Loss will be personal and unavoidable. We are not taking the moral high ground but players will sense the impact of their actions. Your gear choices, route choices, team plan and actions against the enemy will all play into your success or failure. Multiplayer games will be methodical with pockets of quick but intense firefights all the way to long drawn out engagements against an equally matched team. There is no artificial balancing, but the individual’s skill and decision making will be what allows them to succeed.



  • Squad based team play
  • NO unlocks or kill streaks!
  • Using latest version of industry leading Unreal Engine

Player view

  • True First Person System 2.0 that gives no disconnect between what you see of yourself and what others see of you
  • Correct and realistic first person weapon view
  • Freelook style first person system. Players can look around independently of weapon


  • Tactical reload system with both loaded and “dry” reloads
  • Each weapon has it’s own reload sequence
  • Reload animations can be interrupted
  • Realistic magazine system. Each mag tracks how many rounds it contains at any given time
  • Empty mags fall to the ground and mags still containing rounds go back into pouch for later use
  • Weapons collide with the world. Your weapon is truly in the world and will collide with objects in it. This means that weapon choice will actually matter as longer weapons might not be the best option to equip yourself with if operating in a CQB environment.
  • Accurate and realistic weapon transitions. Main weapon falls to chest on sling while drawing secondary or special item
  • Fully customizable weapons. Setup your weapons how you choose with various attachments that operate as they would in the real world
  • No limit on number of saved customizations.
  • Ability to edit and recall saved customization while in server lobby
  • Items used in game requires time to equip… no magical NVG turning on or instant grenade throws. Equipping items takes time
  • Realistic representation of optics usage on weapons including choices in placement location
  • Various melee abilities including accurate portrayal of knife usage as well as muzzle jabs

Inventory and ammo

  • Inventory system that has each magazine track its own rounds
  • Pickup and drop weapons on the battlefield
  • Supported shooting with bipods
  • Customizable character gear. What you take into battle is all you have and physically shows on your character
  • Ability to share gear with others (carry more ammo for a buddy)
  • Save and recall any number of individual weapon/character customized loadouts. Not limited to a small number of presets

Movements and injuries

  • Ability to accurately and realistically jump in the game
  • Ability to clamber onto and over objects
  • Prone, crouch and stand postures
  • Lean and peak system that includes a ‘step out’ ability to quickly step out from cover then back in
  • Ability to move while leaning
  • Encumbrance system that takes weight and bulk of items into account for movement. Variations will not be drastic but noticeable. We are portraying highly skilled operators here
  • Choose between numerous uniform types and a variety of body armor and vests/harnesses, all with in game tradeoffs
  • No regenerating health, but ability to administer first aid to non-lethal injuries for reduced combat effectiveness
  • Players will have visible injuries including limps and non/reduced functional limbs
  • Ability to stay in fight if non mobile from non-lethal wound. This means that you may be able to shoot even though you are no longer able to physically move.
  • Ability to drag team mates to safety to administer first-aide or to safely recover their unused ammo and gear if they are no longer alive

Game world and maps

  • Material/surface specific penetration
  • Accurate but not overly complicated ballistics model including bullets originating from muzzle of weapon and lethal/accurate locational damage
  • Fully functioning doors that can be opened/closed at variable speed, kicked open (might take more than one kick) as well as breached with weapons or explosives
  • Unique environments from all over the world
  • Areas in maps have multiple entry points
  • Full featured Training ranges, including Killhouses with completely random target placement
  • All enemies spawned and patrolling at start. No “monster closets” or magic enemy spawns based on where you are located

Single Player and Co-Op (More info to come)

  • Unique mission design that delivers smaller more localized sets of mission groups based around world hotspots
  • Centralized intelligence portal to monitor world hotspots and receive mission orders
  • Ability to complete missions individually or with friends
  • System designed to continually add and evolve missions over time


  • Full and free Dedicated Server support. Host a server wherever you want
  • Full support for MP ladders
  • User made arm patches
  • In game 3d VOIP with ability to set comm channels within team as well as mute options
  • Full MP lobby system with pre/post game chat
  • Private password protected lobbies/rooms
  • After Action Review after each round
  • Clan/Unit friendly
  • Various adversarial and Co-op style MP game types available at launch
  • Controller support on PC
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