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Buy Hyper Bounce Blast Steam CD Key

Buy Hyper Bounce Blast Steam CD Key

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Release date: 27/05/2016

Hyper Bounce Blast is a stomach-churning retro shooter blended with classic platforming action. Bounce, shoot and dodge to survive the ever-increasing enemy attack. Bring it on!

Use the unique bounce multiplier system to maximise power-ups, build your hyper and survive the onslaught! Featuring a fantastic soundtrack produced by electronic musician Quantum Firefly.


  • Bouncing keeps you invulnerable to bullets, so stay away from that floor!
  • Totally unique gameplay mixing twin-stick shooting with bouncy platforming action.
  • Dodge a ton of bullets, lasers, Tesla coils and buzzsaws to survive.
  • Online Leaderboards
  • 6 Modes of play, including Arcade, Time Rush and Tournament mode.
  • A very classic bonus round.
  • Full Steam Controller integration, plus Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and mouse support.
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