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Xbox One
Mafia III: Definitive Edition XBOX One / Xbox Series X|S Account

Mafia III XBOX One CD Key

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Release date: 07/10/2016

A new iteration of Mafia is quickly approaching as Mafia III will soon make its way into households around the world. Set to release on Oct. 7, 2016, players will be taken back to the world of New Bordeaux, 1968.

Play as Lincoln Clay, who is out to get revenge on the Italian Mafia for murdering his family. Don't miss out on the action from the award winning Mafia series. Mafia III, ahead of its release has already garnered accolades at PAX East and E3 and more is sure to come!


    IMMERSE YOURSELF IN NEW BORDEAUX - Every version of the game brings in a new year and location. This time, you're thrown into the scenery of New Bordeaux in 1968. Discover the city, heavily based on New Orleans, including the city center itself and the characteristic bayou.

    SOLDIER ON AS LINCOLN CLAY - Lincoln Clay has just returned from Vietnam and you will be put into his shoes from the very start. Discover the hardships he's gone through and help him get his revenge on those that harmed him and his family. Build a new family as you discover what New Bordeaux has in store for you.

    A SOUNDTRACK FOR THE AGES - Other than fantastic gameplay and a great storyline, the music has been revamped as well. New Orleans is known for its great music and New Bordeaux can be no different. 2K Games have indicated that some of the best music from the sixties has already been licensed.

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Carlos Andrés
Automatic translation
A game with an excellent narrative, it has a good handling of spaces, the third in the saga with a good atmosphere. The key arrives automatically after payment
Automatic translation
Very good game, nothing about it was bad aside from my pc having run it at a lower setting due to its issues, didnt encounter any bugs in my playthrough.
Automatic translation
To be fair, the game is epic - starting from graphics, those are dope, ive always liked mafia 2-3 graphics look. The storyline is dope, also the fact that there is a huge map that u can explore, fight others. just wow
Eh ok
Automatic translation
Although the polygonal models and textures are in very high quality, in the gameplay sections everything is ess
Jonny Spocony
Automatic translation
I recommend Kox the little game to everyone. I play it 30h and I want to keep playing. Very good price and a nice refreshed edition of the game. I recommend