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Buy The Exiled - Vanguard Pack DLC Steam CD Key

Buy The Exiled - Vanguard Pack DLC Steam CD Key

Region Free
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Release date: 23/02/2017

This Vanguard Pack allows you to play The Exiled after your 7-day trial period. 

It CANNOT be combined with a Nomad Pack or Seeker Pack.


  • Names and Slots
    Three character slots per season (instead of one).
    Reserve up to three character names forever.
  • Account Progression
    25% fame gain boost (unlock new account ranks faster)
    Two instead of one daily challenge slots (even faster ranks!)
    Avatar picture and title: Vanguard + Seeker + Nomad
    Avatar frame and background: Gold + Silver + Copper
  • Ingame Items
    Unique Snapper pet to follow you around
    Unique skins for all Tier 0 weapons and armors
    Unique remains skin (for items you leave behind)
    Dance and Taunt animations
  • Collector's Edition Content
    Digital Soundtrack
    Digital Artbook