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Space Tyrant Steam CD Key

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Release date: 19/07/2017

A zero-attention span mega-empire builder where you can enjoy titanic space battles and huge galaxy-wide conquests but not run over your employer-mandated allotment of lunch-eating minutes.


    Tactical combat!

    Strategic scheming!

    Grimdark grimness!

    No cultural victories! No diplomacy! In Space Tyrant there can be only slaughter!

    Tons of excellent space cards to play!

    Space aliens!

    Space police!

    Simplified, easy-to-grasp 5X (eXplore, eXploit, eXpand, eXterminate and eXsanguinate!)

    Swift gameplay means quick deaths and lightning-fast victories!

    Hours upon hours of space strategy delivered steaming-hot into your gaping tentacular maw-orifice, the way you demanded it!

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