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Kaufen DeathCrank Steam CD Key

Kaufen DeathCrank Steam CD Key

Region Free
Kann aktiviert werden in - United States
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Veröffentlichung: 07/12/2016

DeathCrank is a fast-paced, local and online multiplayer 3D vehicle combat game that combines the best of games like Twisted Metal and Burnout, with a top-down retro feel. Battle it out in 5 game modes ranging from traditional free-for-all DeathMatcch and Capture the Flag, to "Collect the Gears. Physics-based weaponry, environmental hazards, and large amount of viable strategies make this a great battle game for casual parties or hardcore gamers alike. It's total mayhem and a ton of fun. Duke it out in matches of 2 to 8 players, and even mix local and online combatants in our network multiplayer modes.

With more game modes planned and an arsenal of weapons from good 'ol rockets and bombs to crazy game-changing super weapons like the dreaded Black Hole gun, and the diabolically powerful Freeze gun, there's sure to be some high action in every match.

With all the best parts of vehicle combat games of the past with some great new twists, DeathCrank is sure to please.