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Buy Warface Sniper Starter Pack Steam Gift

Buy Warface Sniper Starter Pack Steam Gift

Region free
The Warface Sniper Starter Pack is granted only once per account and only on the first server visited after the purchase.
Please note, that due to recent Valve Steam Gift policy update Steam Gifts for games that are covered by VAC ban program can no longer be added to Inventory. Make sure that you are logged in to the proper account before entering the link as Steam Gifts can be only added to your library or rejected.
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Release date: 19/12/2014

Starter Pack Include:

  • VIP Booster (7 Days)
  • R98B Sniper Weapon (7 Days)
  • Sniper Skin (7 Days)

Speed up your evolution into the ultimate one-man war machine with the Warface Sniper Pack. Offering major savings on weapons and items, this bundle will ensure you're armed to the teeth and ready for anything when battle commences.

For starters, the Sniper Pack places a rare Everest weapon into your hands. This stylized piece of kit not only looks the part, it also offers a level of firepower that you can rely on when the battle really heats up.

If looks could kill, the Sniper soldier skin that comes with the pack would be held responsible for an astronomical body count. Boasting unique head gear, enemies won't even have the privilege of seeing your face before you dispatch them. Now that's cold.

Further adding to your arsenal, the pack also features 7 days worth of smoke grenades. Simply remove the pin, throw in the desired direction and your enemies won't know what hit them. 

Of course, even with so much firepower in your favor, there's always the chance you could be the one on the wrong end of a stray bullet. Ensuring you're prepared for such an eventuality, the Sniper Pack features 10 Resurrection Coins for the Co-op mode to bring you back from the brink multiple times and give you a freakish air of invincibility.

Finally, the Sniper Pack also provides 7 full days of stat boosts to ensure your bravery in battle is well and truly rewarded. With the booster in play, expect 100% more rewards on XP earned, 75% more Warface Dollars than you'd usually earn for your antics, and 50% % faster item unlocks.

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