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Release date: 03/06/2016

5 years after the first infection the world is now in a state of survival. In this teaser action shooter game you must survive waves and waves of zombies, while scavenging for crucial items. You can then craft these items to create new weapons and upgrade them. The game has several levels to unlock, many objectives to complete and challenging achievements to beat. A top down zombie survival game!

You need to protect your surroundings by repairing entries and try to survive waves of zombies. Search and scavenge locations to craft your special weapons. As you progress in the game you will be able to buy new weapons, such as a shotgun, assault rifle, and a heavy gunner. Buy and repair melee weapons, such as knives, machetes, cocktail Molotovs, grenades and more!


  • Kill waves of relentless zombies
  • Three types of zombies:
    • Slow Zombies - Relatively easy to kill, yet can appear in mass.
    • Runners - Fast zombies with more resistance. Will add a new level of stress!
    • Zombie Beasts - Slow, yet very resistant and very strong. Don't let these guys touch you!
  • Scavenge the areas and then craft your weapons and items
  • Buy kick-ass weapons
  • Unlock levels and obtain achievements
  • Try to survive as long as you can
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