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Epic Games
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Steam Altergift
Homeworld 3 Deluxe Edition + Pre-Order Bonus PC Steam CD Key
Homeworld 3 Deluxe Edition Steam CD Key

Homeworld 3 Steam CD Key

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Release date: 13/05/2024

Space needs you again!

After 21 years, we've finally received a continuation of the classic strategy game titled Homeworld. The third installment once again takes us into the realm of cosmic intrigue, which, in its modern rendition yet classic atmosphere, will immerse us once more. If you're into strategy games, there's no better choice than Homeworld 3! Explore your fleet with Kinguin and engage in battle anew!

What is Homeworld 3 about?

It's a game that serves as a direct continuation of its predecessor. The hyperspace gates are once again under threat. The galaxy needs help. The fate of Karan is in your hands! So, prepare yourselves properly, because ahead of you lie many battles and much preparation. Is your PC ready?

Pimp My Fleet 

Homeworld 3 puts the fleet in the hands of players, which we control, develop, and analyze. The latter will be particularly useful because it will help us answer the question of what will work best against our opponent. Each battle takes place in a three-dimensional environment, although sometimes the cosmic voids will also make themselves known. You will encounter an ancient civilization that harbors many unexplored secrets. Enemies will also be on the move, fully prepared to attack. Therefore, it's worth developing tactics and considering the specifications of our arsenal. You'll have a linear cruiser or strike fighters by your side. Attack as you see fit. Do it from the flank or from above.

Ready for cosmic conquests? Gather your fleet with Kinguin and play Homeworld 3 on your PC right now! You'll find the best prices for Steam keys with us!

Choose what you like

Homeworld 3 offers gameplay on multiple levels. The game features an extensive narrative campaign where you'll discover the continuation of this fascinating story. But that's not all, as the game also includes a cooperative mode, which in its latest iteration offers many elements reminiscent of roguelikes. Craving competition? Test your skills in PvP mode and participate in epic battles

The cosmos is beautiful!

In their effort to enchant players while ensuring top-notch experiences, the creators have taken great care of the graphical aspects. The title itself looks very modern. We'll often be able to admire the picturesque galaxy, where details have been brought to the highest level. Gearbox Publishing has also devoted a lot of time to mechanics and damage models, which look spectacular. What about the fired projectiles? Here, we have an advanced physics engine that ensures the best gameplay experiences.

Who are the devs? 

Gearbox Publishing, an American studio, is responsible for Homeworld 3. They have titles such as Tribes of Midgard, Godfall, Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek, and Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour under their belt. The creators have high expectations for their latest product, as industry press reports suggest they have spared no effort to make the game a hit of 2024

Players like mods, mods like players!

Gearbox Publishing, well aware of how the modding scene enjoys crafting alternative histories and many unconventional modifications, gives players full freedom. Homeworld 3 will include the ability to create unique mods for the game.


When Will Homeworld 3 Be Released?

The game’s release date is set for May 13th, 2024.

Is it possible to use a console controller on a PC?

The creators recommend using a keyboard and mouse during gameplay. This way, we can better immerse ourselves in the game's atmosphere, and the mechanics will be smooth and enjoyable overall.

Which Platforms Homeworld 3 Will be Available on?

Homeworld 3 will be coming on PC. There is currently no indication that the game will be released on PlayStation or Xbox consoles.

Is the game multiplayer?

Yes, the game includes multiplayer modes. You can play against your friends and other players, but also join forces to fight for space domination. Homeworld 3 also features a single-player mode.

Do I Have to Play any other games to understand the Story?

For a better understanding of the story, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the previous installments of Homeworld to better immerse yourself in the storyline. However, this is not mandatory. The entire story is explained in the game.

Is the game available in my native language?

Homeworld 3 is available in many languages: English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish - Latin America, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

Can I play this game on a handheld console?

Homeworld 3 supports Steam Deck. The optimization status has been determined as: Playable.

"Should I play Homeworld 3 with headphones?

For a better experience, it's best to play Homeworld 3 with high-quality headphones. The studio has taken care of the sound design, which affects the quality of gameplay and immersion. Every sound matters, and it's worth hearing each one.

Product Rating
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I know Homeworld for a long time, after 4 years and I have a card to buy and try it with this game And yeah, this game is so great btw but sadly Co-op multiplayer is not coming in the new expansion
Automatic translation
Really well done! I found this game after playing Hardspace:Shipbreaker and looking up Blackbird Interactive, the developer of this game. If you like RTS, this is defo worth a go.
Automatic translation
You get both games in both the original versions and the remastered versions. So its almost 4 games in one. The game is rather unique cause of the 3D battle in space. Usually games resort to 2D planes but this game takes it to a whole nother level
Automatic translation
Great RTS with an amazing story and lore, very well written, and it feels much more grounded than, say, Starcraft. Graphics, gameplay and sound are fantastic. Unlike many other RTS, every single unit in the HW universe progress throughout the campaign, gaining experience and having more dmg. So it has RPG elements to them so they're not just easily disposable and replaceable as resources to build them are scarce. You really need to take care of them to carry them over to the next mission. That's why pacing in all HW games has always been more slow and thoughtful than your average fast-paced RTS, but it's also far more meaningful for the same reason. Storywise, I recommend playing this before the original Homerworld 1 and 2 as this is the prequel to those. And between HW1&2 there's HW: Emergence, which I also recommend.
Automatic translation
Just good strategy with nice gfx