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Buy The Amazing Spider-Man Steam CD Key

Buy The Amazing Spider-Man Steam CD Key

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Can be activated in - United States
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The Amazing Spiderman is the brilliant game that follows on directly after the events that unfold in the 2012 motion picture of the same name. This game is developed by Beenox, the same developers who brought you the previous games - Spiderman: Shattered Dreams, and Spiderman: Edge Of Time.

The plot revolves around our favourite web aficionado Spiderman, for whom there is always danger awaiting in his beloved Manhattan, and of course there's a particular trouble afoot. An Oscorp executive with the help of Michael Morbius (a human afflicted with vampiric powers after a science experiment gone awry) gain access to the research of Dr. Curt Connors (otherwise known as the Lizard); research that depicts how to create a hybrid of a man and a rhinoceros. Alongside the Rhino, who is quite a formidable foe, Spiderman must also come to grips with the Iguana. This new enemy is the result of Connors performing various experiments on his lab iguana called Iggy, which have mutated the reptile into a giant and terrorising version of its former self.

The Amazing Spiderman introduces an innovative new feature that allows for more fluid and dynamic web slinging and general maneuverability around Manhattan; the Web Rush mechanic. This is a mode which Spiderman can enter in order to make snap navigation decisions, via the slowing down of time. With one push of a button a destination icon will flash up on the screen, showing the ideal place to websling or parkour to. This mechanic also allows for Spiderman to perform a vast array of slick new dangerous moves that make the most of his acrobatic ability, speed, and strength. This includes stealth takedowns, which he can unleash on unsuspecting foes whilst hanging upside down from the ceiling. In order to increase your stealthiness, each enemy will have a colour indicator that shows how aware they are of your presence.

Boasting a brand spanking new and intriguing plot, mad action against the scum of New York City as well as mutant antagonists, and beautiful graphics going hand in hand with dynamic gameplay and maneuverability, The Amazing Spiderman does not disappoint on any levels.