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Nintendo Switch
Xbox Series X|S
GRIME Definitive Edition EU (without DE/NL) Nintendo Switch CD Key

GRIME Definitive Edition EU (without DE/NL) Nintendo Switch CD Key

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Release date: 25/01/2024

Destroy... Absorb... Grow... GRIME is a fast and unforgiving Action-Adventure RPG in which you crush your foes with living weapons that mutate form and function.

An unusual material collapses in on itself, the world shudders and contracts, and suddenly you are squeezed into existence.

What awaits you is a world unknown, alien in its own familiarity, challenging you to survive the terrors you face. Explore your surreal surroundings, parry and absorb the many enemies you encounter, and use their own traits against them as you become far more than you once were.

GRIME lets you play to your preference, upgrading only those traits you feel most suited to your unique style. You’ll find there is more than one way to break open an enemy as you move through a variety of evocative environments, meet their inhabitants, and discover the source of their madness.

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A great little metroidvania. At first, I felt like it started off very forgiving, but eventually it picked up. The boss designs are really beautiful, and for the most part, feel very satisfying once you get into the rhythm of the fight. Some of the later ones can feel a bit overwhelming, but still doable with a generous dose of patience. There were times I felt a little bit aimless, and it took me a while to figure out which particular direction was open to me with my current set of abilities, but that kind of thing comes with the genre. In hindsight, if I had paid more attention to the hints about directions that were given to me, instead of insisting on revisiting old areas to tie off loose ends, this wouldn't have happened at all. Bottom line, great game, beautiful, albeit a little disturbing art style, great soundtrack. Well worth a playthrough.
Automatic translation
A fantastically creative game! The world and lore is so unique! I've honestly never seen anything like this. I can't even think of another anything that I could liken it to. It's that original. I don't want to spoil anything, but gone is your standard grimdark fantasy world so common in soulslikes. I couldn't wait to visit new areas just to see the next part of this intriguing world. The gameplay is your standard souls-like / metroidvania mix, but the character building is a lot of fun. Basically, after absorbing certain enemies enough times, you are able to put upgrade points in the skill they unlock. The combat itself is a bit more like Sekiro than Dark Souls though, since there is an emphasis on parrying attacks. I enjoyed the soundtrack and sound effects too. They compliment the game well. Not much more to say here, though I will probably end up buying the soundtrack once I get around to it. I'd like to use it for my D&D games! My only legit beef with this game is it has some pretty serious performance problems. I don't know if this is because of Unity, but even at the lowest setting my i7 7700k RTX 2080 computer CONSTANTLY dipped into 20 fps territory. With that said, the game was so good, I just dealt with it. It doesn't seem like everyone is having the same trouble I had, but that's the nature of Unity engine games I suppose. It's not a deal killer, but I can only imagine how much greater this game could have been if I figured out some way to maintain a consistent 60fps. So all and all, even with the performance issues, I still strongly recommend this game.