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Total War: SHOGUN 2 Steam Gift

SHOGUN: Total War - Collection Steam CD Key

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Release date: 13/06/2000

Includes 2 items: the base game SHOGUN: Total War, expansion pack - Mongol Invasion.

SHOGUN: Total War
Japan, 1542, a country in turmoil. The last shogunate has collapsed, leaving a nation divided into numerous factions, each led by a daimyo, a feudal warlord.
Each daimyo is out to scheme, murder, and wage war to become supreme ruler. The emperor is powerless, a puppet of whichever faction controls Kyoto. Into this melting pot come the first European explorers; bringing guns, religion, and disease.
Out of this chaos will emerge only one daimyo, he who will master all the varied skills that make up the art of war; Politics, economics, subterfuge, strategic warfare, and battlefield tactics.

Only one will become Shogun.

SHOGUN: Total War - Mongol Invasion
Though in history, Kublai Khan’s otherwise unstoppable Mongol Horde were turned back from Japan’s shores by catastrophic weather, in this expansion for SHOGUN: Total War, the ultimate ‘what-if’ question of the period is asked.
As either the invading Mongols or the ruling Hojo clan of Japan, it is up to you to take the islands for the Khan or secure your homeland against an imposing threat.


Base game:

  • The first, original title in a 15 year series of award-winning strategy games.
  • The debut of the now legendary formula of Total War gameplay; a unique mix of turn-based grand strategy and real-time battles.
  • Zen-like simplicity belies a deep and rewarding game, even when measured against the best contemporary titles.
  • Now updated for modern resolutions and Steam integration.

Mongol Invasion:

  • Features a new playable faction, and new units on both sides of the conflict.
  • Adds new campaign and multiplayer modes.
  • Includes a map editor to complete the challenge and further enhance a seminal title.
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Automatic translation
Total War: SHOGUN 2 is a great strategy game that takes us to feudal Japan. The game offers both a campaign mode, in which we can lead one of the clans to dominate the island, and a battle mode, in which we can fight epic clashes with other players or the computer. The game impresses with beautiful graphics, realistic physics and a wealth of historical details. The game is also very demanding and you have to plan your moves well, manage your economy and diplomacy, and command your troops on the battlefield. Total War: SHOGUN 2 is a game for fans of history and strategy who like challenges and are not afraid of difficulties.
Automatic translation
Great game , had lot of fun. Campaign is pretty good. Spent lot of hours playing it. For a game that I payed pretty low price it's great.
Automatic translation
The game is very good, the old reliable of Total War games. The battle animations, the immersion that the game offers you is the best that any other TW game, not even Rome 2, its successor, is capable of reaching this quality. If you are a fan of strategy and micromanagement this is definitely a game you should try, even if you are new to the world of total sea, this is the best total war to learn. Little variety of soldiers but what little there is changes depending on the faction and the quality of the units is surprising for its time (2011). We also have to talk about its great optimization, when I played it at the time I had a bad PC and the game ran at about 35 fps in high graphics, which I loved on its part. It is definitely a game that you should try if you like or are a fan of strategy. 12/10
Automatic translation
One of the best Total war games to get at an affordable price. If you like anything total war, this is a title you have to pick up
Automatic translation
Simply a timeless classic! The ravages of time have only slightly gnawed at the still very nice graphics of this game. The real-time battles are really exciting and beautiful to watch. Unfortunately, the cannons in this game were given micro bombs. The gameplay on the strategy map is also great, which is also known from many other Total War parts. But here I would like to see more diverse expansion options for the cities. Personally, I find the campaign quite challenging.