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Dark Rose Valkyrie - Economic Points Set DLC Steam CD Key

Key activation
Requires the base game Dark Rose Valkyrie on Steam in order to play.
Release date: 10/04/2018

The following will be added:

  • [100,000,000] Marks
  • [750] Medals
  • [1500] PP
  • [400,000,000] Marks
  • [1500] Medals
  • [3000] PP
  • [900,000,000] Marks
  • [2000] Medals
  • [5000] PP

Add a variety of Marks, Medals, and Party Points with the Economic Points Set.

Uninstalling DLC items may prevent users from loading save files made before the DLC item was uninstalled. To ensure that users can load all Dark Rose Valkyrie save files, we recommend that users do NOT uninstall DLC items.

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