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Europa Universalis IV: Starter Edition Steam Altergift
Europa Universalis IV Steam Gift

Europa Universalis IV: Starter Edition Steam Account

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98.93% of 908111 ratings are superb!
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Release date: 18/12/2023


  • Base Game
  • Europa Universalis IV: Digital Extreme Edition Upgrade Pack
  • Expansion - Europa Universalis IV: Art of War
  • Expansion - Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man

Take your first steps in Europa Universalis IV with the Starter Edition, a package specifically curated to give players a strong starting point with one of the most celebrated historical strategy games of all time. The Europa Universalis IV Starter Edition includes the base game, a content pack and two major expansion packs that add greater depth and more strategic options to the game.

Europa Universalis IV is Paradox Interactive’s flagship historical grand strategy game, set in the early modern era from the Renaissance to the Napoleonic Age. Choose any nation and dominate the world through a mix of diplomacy, trade, exploration and war.

  • Europa Universalis IV: Rewrite history in the grandest way possible, as you rule any nation from 1444 to 1820. Discover new lands, control key trade routes, fight wars of conquest or religion, and make the world your own.
  • Europa Universalis IV - Digital Extreme Edition Upgrade Pack: This pack includes new events and flavor content for the Byzantine Empire and major Muslim nations, new units for the armies of the Hundred Years War, special content for the United States, original music composed for the Byzantine Empire and more.
  • Europa Universalis IV: Art of War: Experience the pitched battles for religion in Europe in this pack with a new system for the great Religious Wars of the Reformation. Give your vassals’ armies instructions in wartime, fight for their claims and launch or combat the power of Revolution in the endgame.
  • Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man: This expansion adds more flavor to the ruling of your realm, with monarch personality traits, consorts, abdication, unique diplomatic options for Great Power, more control over subject nations and more.

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gigacool game in general, best regards, I recommend it better than the stinky hoi4 in every respect, more mechanics, better mechanics, more interesting gameplay and possible very long gameplay for several hours on one save without lags and crashes
Automatic translation
Personally, this game is one of the main reasons why I love these kind of games! It's fun for sure, but it can be very boring when you learn how to properly play it and master it. Overall, it's a nice addition to your collection of games!
Automatic translation
This DLC is worth the money if you have the rest of DLCs enabled in your game. Otherwise, I'd recommend it if you really want to spend some runs playing on continental Europe
Automatic translation
I've been playing it since 2020 and it's currently my most played game. In my opinion, if you are looking for a Great Strategy Game with complex mechanics and geopolitics, this is your game to buy.
Automatic translation
It's a good DLC, adds some nice features. However, I wouldn't count it as one of the essential DLCs such as Rights of Man or Common Sense. It's pretty good if you like playing colonial nations though.