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Hidden Cats in New York Steam CD Key

Hidden Cats in New York Steam CD Key

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Release date: 16/06/2023

Meow meow meow dear friends! There are Hidden Cats in New York, let's find them all.
A short and pleasant experience in a big and lovely illustration! Start with a Beautiful monochromatic scenario, relax, and find all the cats to reveal the final colored art.


  • A total of 770 Hidden Objects to find in the entire game!
  • Play through different modes, find special cats, and unlock bonus levels!

Game Modes


  • Find 120 cats in fixed positions.
  • 5 hints.


  • Find 200 cats in random positions.
  • 12 Special cats that unlock Bonus Levels.
  • 20 city people to find and earn hints.

Hidden Kittens Bonus
Bonus levels with different sizes and numbers of kittens to find. One use of hint for helping.

  • Smellie Cat Caffè: 50 kittens
  • Rooftop: 50 kittens
  • Ninja Cats Headquarters: 50 kittens
  • Metro: 75 kittens
  • Museum: 100 kittens
  • Town's Park: 100 kittens
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